Headphones for Professional and Audiophile Applications

Shure headphones

Building on 80 years of pro audio experience, Shure Professional Headphones offer excellent sound quality, comfort and legendary Shure sound. The range includes headphones for general listening, home and studio recording, monitoring and DJ'ing.

Shure headphones can be used with portable music devices, DJ mixers, mixing consoles, and headphone amplifiers. 

Ideal for general listening and hi fi use
Dynamic, Neodym-Magnet
Professional studio headphones for home and studio recording or monitoring
Dynamic, Neodym-Magnet
DJ Headphones featuring high-output bass and swivel earcups
Dynamic, Neodym-Magnet
Professional DJ Headphones featuring high-output bass and extended highs
Dynamic, Neodym-Magnet
Flagship Shure headphones specifically engineered for critical listening, monitoring & professional recording.
Dynamic, Neodym-Magnet
For professional audio engineers and studio professionals, accurate response across the entire audio spectrum, smooth high-end extension, tight bass.
Dynamic, Neodym-Magnet
Professional Open Back Headphones provide full range audio with detailed highs and rich bass in a sleek, attractive design.
neodymium magnet
Premium closed-back headphones for audiophile listening and professional recording/mastering
dynamic, neodymium magnet
The new SRH1840 is the flagship Professional Open Back headphone from Shure and features individually matched drivers for unparalleled acoustic performance with smooth, extended highs and accurate bass.
nedymium magnet

Video: Shure Professional Headphones

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Video: Shure Professional Headphones

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New Broadcast Headsets

Provides exceptional audio quality, comfort and durability for media production applications.

BRH 31M product page

Detailed sound reproduction with a closed back design - reliably block out external noise.


BRH 441M product page

Excellent sound quality with an auto-mute feature as soon as the microphone boom is raised vertically.


BRH 440M product page

Video: Home Recording

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Video: Home Recording

Headphones Accessories

HPAQA1 1/4 Adapter for SRH240, SRH440, SRH840 Professional Headphones
HPACA1 Spiral Cable for Shure Headphones SRH840, SRH440 and SRH750DJ
HPACP1 Headphones Transport Bag