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18th May 2016 - Why the British live music industry could be under threat from the smartphone in your pocket.

Tuomo Tolonen explains why the British live music industry — one of our leading sources of cultural capital internationally — could be under threat from the smartphones in our pockets.

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April 2016 - The State of UK Spectrum for PMSE Wireless – and what you can do to help.

Tuomo Tolonen addresses the state of UK spectrum for PMSE users, and what you can do to help.

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10th Feb 2015 - Shure UK Launches 'Losing Your Voice' Wireless Initiative

Losing Your Voice is a Shure UK led initiative to develop a greater understanding of wireless technology and the ongoing changes. We would like to invite wireless microphone users of all levels to broaden their understanding of the current landscape by visiting the website and downloading your free guide to wireless frequencies in the UK.

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8th Dec 2014 - Changes to the 700MHz Band 

On the 19th November, Ofcom announced their decision to remove Programme Making and Special Events (PMSE) users from the 700 MHz band of radio spectrum. Ofcom’s decision is a real danger to some of the UK’s most important cultural, social and economic events. Instead, this spectrum will be allocated to Mobile Network Operators.

The regulator’s decision will mean that wireless systems could be forced to operate in less than two thirds of the currently available spectrum. For more information on how these changes could affect you, please contact our Wireless Helpline.

For further information and advice see the Shure Wireless Guide 2016 or call the Wireless Helpline 01992 703 038.


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Table showing current availability of UK TV channels for use by wireless microphones and IEMs



01992 703038

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Frequency lists

Frequency lists for Shure wireless and in-Ear-monitoring systems.

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