Accommodates up to 8 Shure rechargeable bodypack and handheld transmitter batteries in a single rack space. Compatible with Shure rechargeable batteries AXT910, AXT920 and SB900A. Charging modules sold separately.

Main Features

Control and Insight

  • Comprehensive status display with straightforward three-button interface control
  • Easily visible charge status by percentage and time-to-full readings in hours and minutes
  • Battery health tracking metrics indicate percentage of original capacity and cycle count
  • Remote monitoring of battery status available through Shure Wireless Workbench software


  • Interchangeable charging modules allow users to mix and match up to 8 Shure bodypack and handheld transmitter batteries
  • Charges batteries to 50 percent capacity within an hour and full capacity within 3 hours
  • Storage mode prepares batteries for optimal long-term storage
  • Charges Shure SB900A, AXT910 and AXT920 rechargeable batteries


The Shure Battery Rack Charger (SBRC) provides a seamless, touring-ready battery charging and storage solution.

Interchangeable charging modules support a variety of Shure Lithium-ion batteries, accommodating up to 8 batteries in a single rack space.

An easy-to-read front panel displays critical parameters including charge levels, time-to-full, and battery health indicators such as temperature and cycle count. Shure Wireless Workbench®  software provides remote monitoring of battery status when SBRC is connected to a network.

Furnished Accessories

Amount Part Title
1 IEC AC Power Cable Part (Region Dependent)
1 Shielded 3-foot Ethernet Cable Part C803
1 Hardware Kit Part 90XN1371
8 Mounting Screws for Charger Modules Part 30B13476

Available Variants


Technical specifications

4400 g
Height x Width x Depth:
44.0 × 483.0 × 366.0 mm

Compatible Software


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