In most applications – be it live performance or studio recording – your microphone is the first piece of equipment in the signal chain. Anything that happens from this point forward is affected by your selection and placement at this vital moment – and therefore, a solid understanding of microphone principles is imperative to any professional audio engineer.

Wired Mastered is a half-day seminar aimed at professional audio engineers and production professionals. Attendees will learn the history behind modern microphones, the fundamental science behind them, and how to apply best-practice across a wide range of applications.


In-depth seminar on wired microphone technology, including demonstrations of different wired technology through the diverse range of Shure microphones. 

The agenda will cover:

  • The history of modern microphones.
  • Microphone operating principles.
  • Polar directionality and polar patterns explained in detail.
  • The science behind Shure’s pneumatic shockmount.
  • Microphone design and testing.
  • Q&A – put your questions to our expert team.


Mr Tuomo Tolonen

Pro Audio Group Manager

Shure UK

Tom Colman

Senior Applications Engineer, Shure Distribution UK

Target Group

  • Audio Engineers
  • Live Production Professionals


  • Free of charge (subject to availability)

Dates & Registration

There are no dates planned at the moment.

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