From schools and churches, through to international corporations, wireless systems are an integral part of modern installations.

Despite their prevalence, wireless audio remains one of the more complex and controversial areas when specifying an audio system. Wireless Mastered: Installed provides AV integrators with the knowledge and confidence to specify and install reliable, secure wireless microphone systems in today's challenging RF environment.

Attendees will gain in-depth knowledge in the following areas:

  • RF Technology - how it works and how to operate a secure, reliable system you can depend on. 
  • Recent changes to spectrum allocation - what you need to know, how it affects you, and what you can do to mitigate risk.
  • Training with Shure’s Wireless Workbench software, including how to scan the RF environment, coordinate frequencies, and monitor networked systems.


In-depth seminar on RF technology, including a demonstration on Wireless Workbench software:

Products on show:

  • Shure ULX-D
  • Shure QLX-D
  • Shure UHF-R
  • Shure Axient
  • Shure Microflex Wireless
  • Wireless Workbench 6 & Shure Channels


Mr Stuart Stephens

Sales & Project Engineert, Shure Distribution UK

United Kingdom

Stuart Stephens is a Product Management Specialist for Shure EMEA with experience in technical sales and application support. He is also QSC Q-Sys Level II certified and an experienced instructor for Shure wired and wireless microphone technologies and audio networking seminars.

Tom Colman

Senior Applications Engineer, Shure Distribution UK

Target Group

  • AV Technicians


  • Free of charge (subject to availability)

Dates & Registration

There are no dates planned at the moment.

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