Correct and efficient frequency management is an essential skill in today's busy RF environments. Wireless Workbench can help you stay one step ahead and run your show from city to city with complete peace of mind.

Join us for a Wireless Workbench Master Class and become a Wireless Workbench expert.


  • Changes in the RF noise floor
    • ­Identifying sources of interference
  • Visualising the RF landscape
    • ­Scanners
  • Wireless Workbench
    • ­Plan – Scan – Monitor
    • ­A thorough in-depth look in to all aspects of Wireless Workbench


Mr Tuomo Tolonen

Pro Audio Group Manager

Shure UK

Mr Stuart Moots

Regional Sales Manager

Shure UK

Mr Dave Phillips

Regional Sales Manager

Shure UK

Target Group

  • FOH Engineers
  • Monitor Engineers
  • Live Production Technicians
  • AV Technicians


  • Free of charge (subject to availability)

Dates & Registration

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